Last week there was a major judgement in a court case against the CEO and trustees of Kids Company. It highlighted some major problems for the sector.

There’s still a remarkable lack of diversity in the charity sector. White men in positions of power need to make sure that it is not disproportionately white men who follow them. And we need systems and structures, rather than just goodwill, to make it happen.

This is not the future we want for the charity sector

Earlier this week, the chancellor handed out £750m to the voluntary sector – a fraction of the £4bn charities said they needed to get through three months of lockdown. It’s a decision high makes no economic sense – so why did it happen, and what does it mean for charities?

David Ainsworth

I’m a writer and journalist based in London. I’m available to writer about anything, but I have a particular interest in charity and social issues.

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